Reni Faust

B.S. of Computer Science – Digital Design – UNC Wilmington, In progress // Undergraduate Researcher in Biomedical/Computer Science for REU at East Carolina University

Illustrator; Designer; Tattoo Artist; Cake Decorator; Auto Tech; merchandiser; Manager.

“I find learning new things fun and exciting. If you are always willing to learn- you will have the best education available. I have taken on many roles and responsibilities, but working in the lab is by far the most rewarding. I’ve been here for 8 months and I hope to continue to find ways to contribute and improve what we do. Within the lab I have created new logos, banners, I headed up the Facial tattoo and piercing detection project, I worked on our automated drink mixer, Moxie, I have assisted with the PCB project and began looking into handwriting analysis. In addition I assist on various data collection events. My club activities and memberships included being an officer for UNCW’s archery club, member of cyber defense, and member of tau sigma. “