MORPH (Craniofacial Longitudinal Morphological Face Database)

MORPH is the largest publicly available longitudinal face database. It is actively being used in over 30 countries. The MORPH data corpus embraces thousands of facial images of individuals across time, collected in real-world conditions (not a controlled collection). Moreover, these images are available to the public for continued research, and we encourage studies of forensic science relevance and utility. MORPH is comprised of two datasets, or “albums,” Album1 and Album2.

Album 1 contains digital scans of 515 photographs of individuals taken between October 26, 1962 and April 7, 1998 which we refer to as acquisition dates. The acquisition dates correspond to increasing ages for individuals in the database; these dates range anywhere from 46 days to 29 years after the earliest photograph. A stats sheet for Album1 is available. Album 2 contains longitudinal digital photographs collected over several years. Album2 is still evolving and images are acquired quarterly. Both albums include meta data for race, gender, date of birth, and date of acquisition. Eye coordinates for the sets are also available upon request.

Comprising of these albums, we offer three sets of images to the public. Album 1 is available in full as described above. A subset of Album 2 is available for academic researchers and contains 55,134 images of 13,000 individuals collected over four years with applicable metadata described above. See the whitepaper for more statistics on this release.

A larger, commercial version of MORPH is also available. The commercial version contains a significantly larger set images from Album 2 collected over a greater time span and includes full meta data with height and weight when available. Coarse landmark data, eye coordinates, and feature flags will be made available as well. A whitepaper outlining the statistics of this release is available upon request.

MORPH dataset now has a minimal cost to support its development and distribution. However, there are limited coupons available to academic researchers. To receive a coupon the researcher must email (ricanekk AT from an official academic email address requesting the coupon, stating the purpose of the request. Coupon users will still need to create an account, select the dataset, and go to check-out which is where the coupon will be entered. This link will take you to a different server that requires you to create an account for access to MORPH dataset.

Any work that uses or incorporates the database must acknowledge the authors by including the following reference:

Karl Ricanek Jr and Tamirat Tesafaye, “MORPH: A Longitudinal Image Database of Normal Adult Age-Progression,” IEEE 7th International Conference on Automatic Face and Gesture Recognition, Southampton, UK, April 2006, pp 341-345.

To request access of the MORPH database:
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MORPH: Album 1 Stats