Augmented Reality Sandbox

William Fleming, Harry Atwal, Yunkai Xaio, Renee Faust, Kevin Gay, Aljohnel Labsan, – CS and MS CSIS Students, Dr. Karl Ricanek – CS Faculty



PCB Circuit Board Vision System

Kevin Gay – CS Student, Jessica Baron – Clemson U., Dr. Karl Ricanek – CS Faculty


Tattoo & Piercing Dataset

Renee Faust, Kevin Gay, Harry Atwai, Yunkai Xaio, William Fleming, Aljohnel Labsan – CS and MS CSIS Students, Dr. Karl Ricanek – CS Faculty



The “Moxie” is a project that several students, including Harry Atwal, Yunkai Xiao, Nick Houghton, Reni Faust, and Ashley Teague, built in a couple weeks. It is a drink mixer that is voice controlled and ran by an Amazon Echo. It takes drink orders and can tell you information about lab members, important figures, and other information.

Detecting Body Mass Index From Facial Features


Detecting Biological Age From Facial Features


Deep Fake Detection




Invasive Plantlike Species Detection


Algorithm Bias

Because AI models are data-driven, the predictions or estimations made by the model will conform to the characteristics of the training data. In our study of algorithmic bias, we examine the sources of bias in modern deep neural networks and develop techniques for mitigating such bias.

Deep Learning Augmentation Policies

Deep learning requires the use of large datasets in order to train an accurate model. Data augmentation policies manipulate training data to effectively increase the size of the dataset and generalize the model while improving accuracy. This project involves using an evolutionary process to learn data manipulation techniques that improves AI decisions.


Data Collection Events

The Face Aging Group finds festivals to gather facial and survey data. This data helps propel our research in biometrics.