Current Members

Dr. Karl Ricanek

Dr. Karl Ricanek Jr. is an Associate Professor at University of North Carolina Wilmington in the Computer Science Department. Dr. Ricanek is the founder and director of the Face Aging Group Research Lab.

Dr. Nisha Srinivas

Dr. Nisha Srinivas

Senior Research Associate

Prior to joining the lab, Nisha worked as a post-doctoral researcher at Oak Ridge National Labs. She received her Ph.D. and M.Sc. in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Notre Dame where she was a member of the Computer Vision Research Lab (CVRL). She also holds a M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from Syracuse University. She has numerous years of experience in the field of biometrics, computer vision and machine learning.

Harry Atwal

Harry Atwal

Lab Administrator

Harry Atwal is a masters candidate at UNCW in computer science and information systems. He has his bachelor's from UNCW in biology and computer science. His hobbies include electrical engineering and motorcycles, and basket weaving. He serves as the lead coordinator of data collection events and serves as a leader to the group.

Yunkai Xiao

Yunkai Xiao

Graduate Researcher

Kai is a Master’s student in UNCWs MS Computer Science and Information Systems program, he has completed his undergraduate study in Computer Science at Beijing Institute of Technology in China. He is a Certified Scrum Master and a member of Upsilon Pi Epsilon honor society for Computing and Beta Gamma Sigma honor society for Management.

Kevin Gay

Kevin Gay

Graduate Researcher

Kevin Gay is currently a Master's candidate in the computer science and information systems program at UNCW. During his time with the face aging group, he has helped work on a deep learning network to identify components on printed circuit boards (PCBs) and helped collect face datasets. He also developed an automated work order creation system at GE Nuclear.

Nick Houghton

Nick Houghton

Graduate Researcher

Nick has been with the group since March 2017 and has worked on the Tattoo and Piercing detection project, as well as the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Recognition. He has an interest in server/network communications and maintenance and machine learning.

Dr. Gayathri Mahalingam

Amrutha Sethuram

Reni Faust

Former Students

Shivani Bhardwaj Jessica Baron Ashley Teague Katelyn Kerns
Abby Harrell Allyson Gough Brittany Yopp Gabrielle Despaigne
Ricardo Valea David Macurak Jefferey Raynor Brandon Hilton
Camp Horton Tuan Tran Brennan Smith Travis Radke
Jason Vandeventer Eric Hilton Phillip Whisenhunt Brian Bullard
Yan Lucas Fernando Scheffelbein Kim Perry Jeff Kane
Becki Hoker Melissa Torpey Pilar Waling Aaron Boiling
Patrick Cash Sean Chivers Dean Berman Eric Putnam
Robert Harrison Yusheng Zhai Katie Karlon Chris Tice
Jaewong Kim Yi Chen Ryan Wilkins Afshan Hina
Amy Curly Chance Carrol Qijun Fang Bill Shipman
Caroline Pearson Maurice Benson Matt Ratliff Allan Rawls
Fred Bingham Parker Moran Seiken Higashionna Greg Huff
Matthew Arb Chris Maier Adam Gaweda Wesley Williams
Richard Alford Dominique Jackson Nnamdi Inhenacho Michael Komisin
Paul Martin Rachel Cramer Christine Brown Brooke Jordan
Sean Dyer Billy Erwin Chad Lloyd Billy Stroud
Chad Ponthieux Andrew Harnage Valerie Watkins  


Former Associates

Dr. Eric Patterson, founding member

Dr. Midori Albert, founding member

Dr. Susan Simmonds

Dr. Yaw Chang

Dr. Yishi Wang

Dr. Cuxian Chen

Dr. Hua Li

Thomas Schmit

Dr. Jefferey Cummings

Dr. Judith Gebauer

Benjamin Barbour

Larry Gardner

Holger Mackeneth

Dr. Anil Jain

Dr. Kevin Bowyer

Dr. Wankou Yang

Dr. Damon Woodard

Dr. Gerry Dozier

Dr. Kelvin Bryant

Kaushik Roy

Michael Sodomsky